User Awareness Training: Our all access online platform.

Lay the foundation for a cyber resilient culture at your organization.

Simply a smart choice for security

Our program features a continuous learning model that engages your users on a weekly basis for ultimate retention while building good cyber security habits at their own pace, and keeping people engaged.

how can the platform help you?

Ignite Solutions works with our multidisciplinary team of experts to bring best practices to your team, helping you stay secure all year Round.

Take a people-first approach to Security

Tackle user awareness, your first line of defense against cybercrime.

All access, easy-to-use online portal

Your users can get started seamlessly and instantly dive into meaningful content.

A continuous Learning Model

The program engages your users on a weekly basis with non-intrusive reminders to complete their weekly micro-learning.

Become Cyber Resilient

Strengthen organizational awareness and understanding of policies and procedures at your organization.

On-going Customization

Evaluate your team’s progress and partner with an Ignite Technology Adoption Educator to fine-tune your User Awareness programming.

Reinforce good digital behavior

Empower your team to become human firewalls and increase user security scores through leaderboard functionality.

That's not all!

employee secure score

Simple dashboard for your users.
All the weekly micro-learning content becomes available on-demand in the user portal – for those who are binge-watchers – in a library of past training. Users can regularly check in and view their score.

Built-in dark web monitoring for every user.
User accounts can monitor their own registered or private email address. Users will know if their password or other important credentials have been compromised and can report it immediately. 

Keep security top-of-mind:

This offer is included in our One Support subscription – consult with one of our experts today to see if it’s right for your team. 

Brandon Fyfe

Director of Infrastructure & Cloud

Consult with a Solutions Expert

Our Ignite Solutions experts can support your IT infrastructure, and Ignite’s Security experts are here to help you draft meaningful governance to meet your goals. We’ll work with you to define a strategy from conception through to implementation.  

Fauzia Moorani

Technology Educator

Consult with our
Education Support

Our Technology Adoption Educators can support white glove service and engage your chosen stakeholders in monthly or quarterly review of your user reports to help you understand areas of opportunity and refine programming 

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