Discover your cyber resilience score with our 15-point checklist.

Security Assessment

Know what you’re doing right and what needs improvement. Get your very own security report card through Ignite’s comprehensive cyber security audit system.

Compliance & Governance

Ignite Security specializes in defense industry cybersecurity, assessments, compliance, and certification. Learn how we can help you meet the 2026 deadline.

Analytics & Reporting

Data is just numbers until it’s made meaningful. We’ll help you understand and analyze your environment. We curate your weekly report based on your alerts.

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No fear tactics. Just a proactive approach to your Cyber Security.

Shawn Edwards
Director of Security Operations
Shawn is a senior IT leader with more than 15 years’ experience helping organizations plan, develop and execute their cybersecurity goals.
Brian Forward
Security Solutions Engineer
Brian brings a wealth of experience to the team at Ignite. With nine years in Security Operations, he’s key to designing and implementing security efficiencies across your business. Brian is constantly on the receiving end of enthusiastic customer feedback and drives innovation beyond Ignite, across our industry, and will play an integral part of your security program.
Shashi Borade
Security Architect
Shashi comes to us as a seasoned cyber security advisor. Although he's new at Ignite, he's been working on projects dedicated to cyber resilience for over 10 years.
Moni Maniruzzaman
Sr. Information Security Architect
Moni is our senior security resource based in the GTA who’s seen over 13 years in the areas of organizational governance, risk management and compliance. A proven leader in the space where collaboration and cyber security intersect, Moni’s depth of knowledge across multiple industries makes him a key member of Ignite Security who serves our customers, and supports Ignite Collaboration projects as a key stakeholder.