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Steve Taylor

President and CEO

Steven is the President and CEO of Ignite Collaboration Services Group. A big believer in the team, he knows that when you pair complimentary personal and professional goals the team will be stronger and more cohesive, allowing the organization to achieve work life balance. Steven deeply cares about the people he works with and lives the ‘People-First’ mentality to the fullest.

Aside from being CEO of Ignite, Steven enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, golf, and coaching his son’s football team. While being coach to his son’s football team is a big time commitment, it helps him bring a little of his professional strengths to this personal aspect of his life.  A stress creator and stress reliever at the same time, Steven enjoys encouraging the players, who might doubt their abilities, understand their strengths and find success.

Prior to starting Ignite Collaboration Services Group, Steven spent 15+ years working in Unified Communications building and managing teams focused on sales and sales operations.

Darren Lapierre

Managing Partner and Senior Solutions Engineer

Darren Lapierre is one of Ignite Collaboration Services Group’s Corporate Directors and a Solutions Engineer. Darren looks after the technical direction for Ignite, keeps on top of market needs, and stays in tune with product innovation to help steer Ignite’s direction from a technical perspective. As a Solutions Engineer, he puts that vision to work by giving technical recommendations, thought leadership, and implementation support for our customers.

Darren does enjoy some downtime when he isnt’ busy with clients. During that time he tries to get out of the city as much as possible, enjoying the outdoors through backpacking or canoeing, and leading many canoe and hiking trips.
With over 10 years in the collaboration business, Darren has experienced the ever-evolving collaboration industry and enjoys the fast pace and constant learning that comes along with technology. Having a passion to solve business challenges through technology has helped evolve Darren to where he is today.

Rommell Mendoza

Managing Partner and Account Executive

Rommell Mendoza holds dual roles within Ignite Collaboration Services Group – first as a Corporate Director and secondly as an Enterprise Account Executive building relationships with our customers. In his role as Corporate Director, Rommell looks after business development, including sales and vendor relationships, while providing thought leadership for the organization.

In his personal time, Rommell is a fitness enthusiast and avid mountain biker.  These two activities drive his competitive nature by compelling him to compete in numerous Crossfit competitions and bike races throughout the year.  When he’s not burning up the race track, Rommell enjoys spending time and traveling with his family.

With more than 15 years of IT / Telecommunication experience, Rommell has focused his career on IP telephony design, project management, and solution selling.  Rommell has had several positions in the Telecommunication industry and always had a passion for working closely with clients and helping to solve business problems/challenges.