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Ignite One Security equips businesses with a comprehensive suite of cyber resilience strategies, advanced analytics and assessments, and cutting-edge tools to enhance your cybersecurity posture and ensure your digital assets are secure. 

Smart Security at your Fingertips

Build cyber resilience for your systems, data and team with an Ignite Technology One Security subscription. Trust us to help you navigate the complex world of cybersecurity with ease and confidence, so you can focus on what matters most – running your business.

Our One Security Offering

Ignite Security has a multidisciplinary team of experts to implement top-notch approaches for your organization, ensuring that you remain safeguarded against cyber threats throughout the year.

Ignite Analytics
Get regular reporting and statistics about risk factors that can impact your business. With Ignite Analytics, threats to your organization are identified, triaged, and brought to your attention immediately.
End Point Protection & Response
Safeguard your devices and data against evolving cyber threats and minimize the risk of costly data breaches. Ensure the security of your devices, networks, and sensitive data, all while maintaining business continuity and reducing the risk of costly cyber attacks.
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Security Orchestration, Automation & Response
By automating repetitive tasks and integrating with other security tools, SOAR helps your organization streamline your incident response procedures, reduce response times, and minimize the risk of security incidents.
Multi-factor Authentication
MFA is an essential security measure that can help protect digital assets and reduce the risk of unauthorized access. Let Ignite show you an effective way to enhance security without significantly impacting the user experience.
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Email Security Management
Protect your sensitive information and systems with email security managed by Ignite Technology. Take a proactive approach to protect your organization before the threat even reaches your users or your network.
Web Security Management
Effective web security management is essential to protect against potential cybersecurity threats, particularly in the face of shadow IT, where employees may be using unauthorized applications or services that bypass organizational security measures.
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User Awareness Training
Addressing user awareness is critical as it serves as your initial line of defense against cybercrime. By providing User Awareness training, you equip your team with the necessary knowledge to maintain security and reinforce the significance of consistently implementing cyber-safe practices.
Security Info & Event Management
By implementing an effective SIEM, Ignite helps you detect security incidents in real-time, prioritize and respond to incidents quickly, and improve your overall threat detection and response. Ask us about regulatory requirements and reducing the risk of financial loss, reputational damage, and legal liability.
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How can our One Security services help you?

We're a Blumira partner

Ignite Solutions provides dedicated support for Sharepoint Online and helps make sure that your internal communications, team collaboration sites and other Microsoft 365 features are fully optimized.

Our experts also apply monitoring to your Microsoft 365 system to ensure advanced cyber resilience is built into your program and support data loss prevention.

Shawn Edwards

Chief Information Security Officer

Consult with our Security Experts

Our Ignite Security experts will take a proactive approach to your security. Know what you’re doing right and what needs improvement. Get your very own security report card through Ignite’s comprehensive cyber security audit system. 

Fauzia Moorani

Technology Educator

Consult with our
Education Support

Our Technology Adoption Educators can support white glove service and engage your chosen stakeholders in monthly or quarterly review of your user reports to help you understand areas of opportunity and refine programming 

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