Leap into the hybrid workplace – The future is accessible

LEAP into the Hybrid Workplace: The future is accessible

This feature is the third in a four-part blog series, LEAP into the Hybrid Workplace, where we’re focusing in on the topics that will help you get clear on how to move forward in the new era of work. You can catch up on the series in our articles on Listening, and designing the new Employee Experience. Want to dive even deeper? Join us for a live panel discussion on Oct. 7 – seats are limited, reserve your spot today.

Flexible is friendly, and an empathetic mindset works wonders.
Something important to recognize is that we’re all in this together, but we aren’t facing identical challenges. To design the perfect collaboration strategy for your organization, it’s vital to consider your team’s current accessibility and circumstance.

Our people-first approach has been a guiding principle for Ignite since we first opened our doors in 2011. It’s always been important to our founders that, on an organizational level, we focused on the experience behind the slogan.

Identifying seamless user-experiences, alleviating IT burden and obstacles, discovering pain points and solving for them … It’s what we do. If you need some help mapping out the right plan for your team, connect with us today, or register for our live panel discussion with experts from IT and HR to learn more.

Workplace transformation is just as much about culture as it is about technology. Engage and listen to your team with empathy to discover the requirements you’ll need to meet for maximum productivity, confidence and the wellbeing of your team members.

Finding the perfect fit isn’t geographically restricted when you’re digitally accessible.
For most industries, exceptional candidates are located all over the globe, and they offer incredibly valuable diversity of thought and perspectives that we can’t really capture if we’re only hiring in our physical community.

If the reality of work throughout the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that in many roles, people can do most of their tasks from any device, anywhere, anytime. With this being the case, why would we ever limit our search to one place when looking for top talent?

Webex by Cisco offers an easy-to-use suite you can navigate effortlessly and has a ton of new features that improve communication and collaboration accessibility.

According to their research, Webex found that 97 percent of people surveyed believe that the hybrid era of work requires new technologies to improve existing collaboration systems, and people covet user-friendly features that make them feel more included in meetings.

Wearable tech is changing the way the frontlines work and improve on-site safety.
Industrial strength assisted reality (aR) solutions, like those from RealWear, safely deliver real-time information to frontline workers through a combination of head-mounted wearables, software, a voice controlled user-interface, and leveraging cloud and AI.

These technologies are changing the way we work by enabling the user access to information, insights and experts, that allow them to keep their attention alert to what’s going on around them.

Creating efficiencies across teams, especially those with very different roles, locations and specialties, show up as pain points for leaders time and time again. How can you best connect the office to the field?

Ignite’s National Sales Director, Greg Masniuk, says it’s by removing obstacles. He’s really excited about the opportunity these innovations are bringing to industries across Canada, especially those who’s current process requires a lot of travel for experts to visit from site to site.

Greg says, “Usually this comes with operational costs that are no longer most efficient, for a check or assessment for example, that they can now do virtually.”

There are so many great cases for use. Some of our favourite features are:

  • Remote Expert Guidance – Frontline workers can easily connect with remote experts in real-time, from anywhere, using optimized video collaboration applications like Webex. We know that unplanned downtime is always costly, so bring your experts in virtually and they can weigh in from wherever they are.
  • Hands-free, Digital Workflow – These solutions provide visual instructions, checklists, data entry, and visual documentation of completed steps while on the go. Assisted reality devices enable digital workflow to reach workers when and where they need it.
  • Document Navigator – Viewing documents on RealWear’s devices enables your workforce to view technical manuals and any other documents without needing to hold them in your hands. Eyes forward and hands-free goes a long way in keeping frontline workers safe, while giving them the tools they need to do be most productive.

Check out more solutions and case studies here, or connect with us for a demo of the product today.

Commit to cultivating an inclusive workplace, where equal opportunity reigns.
In a hybrid environment, you need solutions that bring the best of remote, and in-person work together, so everyone has an equal voice.

Real-time translation, gesture recognition, background noise removal and new integrations like Sli.do are some of our top picks, and it sure is nice to have one single collaboration suite to manage calling, meetings, messaging, devices … you name it.

Our best advice? Focus on the end-to-end employee experience. Learn about how your team members work best, and design experiences for everyone. Hear more from experts across Tech and HR on the topic in our upcoming live panel discussion. Seats are limited, reserve your spot today.

Sarah Allen
~ Sarah Allen – Content Creator, Ignite Collaboration

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