Ignite Technology, in a nutshell

Imagine investing thousands of dollars into your latest digital transformation project, but the moment you need technical support, expert guidance or a trusted partner, the vendor is nowhere to be found.  

Ignite was established for this exact reason. Experience – whether it be user experience, administrative experience, or customer experience – is fundamental to how people feel when they’re working or engaging with your tools and services.  

In a recent blog series, we spoke about cultivating a rich employee experience in the era of hybrid work if you’d like to dive deeper into the topic.  

Empower productivity with the right tools, process, and support 

Ignite builds meaningful, secure connections for your business through technology and on-going support. Our experts get to know your organization, and purposefully select the technology and services that will best support your team in achieving business objectives. 

The most common pain point for organizations, leaders, and individual contributors alike is IT headaches and disruption. Anything that prevents your team from focusing on their core competencies is not ideal for tapping into productivity.  

It’s kind of hard to get into your flow and access creativity or innovative ideas when you can’t accomplish basic tasks on your computer or device. Give your people reliable, repeatable solutions, wherever they need to work so they can flourish. 

Ignite Technology: Empower your team with hassle-free solutions.

Since we launched
our new website last year, we’ve been working to grow our team of experts and bring more amazing experiences to life for our customers. We have services and solutions to meet a variety of needs, and the experts to integrate.  

No matter which of our business groups you’re working with, you benefit from the larger knowledge base across our Collaboration, Security and Managed IT Service disciplines. Our team is with you before, during and after the implementation of your project to make sure the experience is 100% frustration-free. 

Ignite Collaboration: Connect anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

Working wherever and whenever your team is most productive, boosts performance exponentially, so long as they are well equipped. Whether you need a boardroom upgrade or a full video conferencing suite, we help refine your collaboration process and implement a tailored solution that compliments your team and the way they work.

Learning to use a new tool or system can be challenging. Our Adoption Educators are here to make sure your team works and connects with confidence while they tackle the day. We’re dedicated to the user experience, and support your team in adopting new, sometimes intimidating technologies.  

Ignite Security: Do business with confidence, in a secure online environment.  

Cyber security shouldn’t be an afterthought. We work with you to build security programs and solutions you can have confidence in, and continuously improve your cyber resilience. Proactive cyber security means your threats (we all have them) are analyzed instead of feared.  

Our team can help you meet compliance with confidence, become cyber resilient and develop an enterprise-class security posture without the overhead. 

Ignite Solutions: Realize your team’s potential with affordable IT support.

Your time and attention are too valuable to be focusing on IT distractions and interruptions. Our team has deep expertise, and a range of services that can help you move forward, seamlessly and securely with everyone in mind.  

We’ll secure your devices and provide remote support that keeps your team effective. We get to know you and how your business functions, how your employees work, and how you want to grow so we can help bridge any gaps in your current environment and meet your goals. 

Have peace of mind, we’ve got the tech.  

We work with some of the globes leading technology companies. Learn more about the brands we use to bring our solutions to life, and our Cisco partnership, here. 

We can’t wait to meet you! Access our unparalleled network of support for your business today and connect with us for a discovery call. 

Sarah Allen
~Sarah Allen, Content Coordinator



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