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Ignite Solutions provides businesses with remote and desk-side support, network monitoring, email filtering, cloud hosting and more.

We're a Microsoft partner

Ignite Solutions provides dedicated support for Sharepoint Online and helps make sure that your internal communications, team collaboration sites and other Microsoft 365 features are fully optimized.

Our experts also apply monitoring to your Microsoft 365 system to ensure advanced cyber resilience is built into your program and support data loss prevention.

Simply a smart choice for your peace of mind

No IT? No problem. Ignite Solutions will cover all your managed services needs so you don’t have to worry. Combining the best technologies, processes, and experience to make your business thrive, we’ll support you every step of the way

Our Managed Solutions Offering

Ignite Solutions works with our multidisciplinary team of experts to bring best practices to your team, helping you stay secure all year Round.

User Awareness Training

Tackle user awareness, your first line of defense against cybercrime. User Awareness programming helps your team stay secure and reinforces the importance of practicing cyber-safe habits consistently, building their competency over time

email Filtering

Protect your users from the influx of unsolicited email messages they receive in their inboxes. Email filtering, alongside User Awareness Training and other foundational tactics, will help keep your organization secure.

Internet Filtering

Implement internet filtering and prevent users from accessing malicious internet pages or entire websites to help your organization stay secure.

DNS Management

DNS management is fundamental to maintaining business continuity as it's the backbone of the internet. DNS is what keeps the web a user-friendly place instead of a highly complex network of IP numbers.

back Up Management

Data loss prevention and backup are key to maintaining business continuity and preventing IT disruption for your business. Save time and money should an incident occur, and quickly restore your valuable data.

Data Loss Prevention

Protect key data and secure digital services. Our experts apply monitoring to your Microsoft 365 system to ensure advanced cyber resilience is built into your program and support data loss prevention.

How can our Managed It Services help you?

Remote & Deskside Support

Whether you need remote or in-person support we’re here for you when you need us.

Network Monitoring

We’re on top of your network status and performance so that you can rest easy knowing is running smoothly.


Ready to move to the cloud? Our hosting experts will make the move seamless. 

Brandon Fyfe

Director of Infrastructure & Cloud

Consult with a Solutions Expert

Our Ignite Solutions experts can support your IT infrastructure, and Ignite’s Security experts are here to help you draft meaningful governance to meet your goals. We’ll work with you to define a strategy from conception through to implementation.  

Fauzia Moorani

Technology Educator

Consult with our
Education Support

Our Technology Adoption Educators can support white glove service and engage your chosen stakeholders in monthly or quarterly review of your user reports to help you understand areas of opportunity and refine programming 

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