City of Corner Brook, Client Success Story – Municipal IT team in Newfoundland secures their digital services.

Across our business entities at Ignite Technology, we’re always listening, learning, and consulting with our customers as part of our people-first approach. It’s how we get to really know your company’s goals, user workflows and collaboration requirements – uncovering the nuts and bolts of what you’ll need to make the most of your technology. 

Ignite Security is no different. The team focuses on building trusted partnerships with our customers, so much so that in many cases, it’s like we’ve become a part of the customers’ organization or an extension of their team.  

But of course, security is a bit unique. After all, the sensitivity of confidential data is a very real concern. Smaller IT teams, like that of the City of Corner Brook in Newfoundland, face the challenge of securing the data collected, and public works systems for an entire municipality – staff and citizens alike.  

A data breach is a potential setback for local governments, but by taking the initiative to assess where your vulnerabilities are, you can take a proactive approach to cyber security. Get started by completing our 15-point Cyber Resilience checklist and find out how your organization currently stacks up against threats to your network.  

Municipalities with a Managed Security Services provider optimize cyber resilience.  

Frazer Parsons, Supervisor of Computer Services for the City of Corner Brook, started working with the Ignite Security team a few years ago. Technically, Cisco had made the recommendation, but the team behind Ignite wasn’t new to Frazer, as he’d already built a relationship with our Director of Security, Kevin Critch. 

Frazer says that Corner Brook was running appliances from another vendor before he met Kevin years back. So, oddly enough, it’s in fact Kevin who brought Cisco to the city’s attention. 

For as long as Frazer’s team has been using Meraki, and other Cisco products and solutions, Kevin has essentially had their back in one way or another. He recognized the team could really benefit from a consolidation of tools, and became a trusted partner and resource they could turn to. 

Small but mighty teams, with a little help from friends. 

With a staff of three, himself included, Frazer says he really appreciates the support and expertise he can count on from Brian Forward, Ignite Security Systems Engineer, and the team who delivered a smooth deployment.  

“They have the know-how that gives us the peace of mind we needed while the solution was being deployed by Brian and the guys, and beyond.” 

When Brian was assigned to the project to help with some major infrastructure changes, Frazer says he was blown away by the knowledge he brought to the table. “His professionalism and personality are contagious. Brian gives you that feeling like you’ve known him your entire life.” 

When it comes to building a custom security solution fit for your teams unique needs, it helps enormously to have a solution-savvy specialist on your side.  

Users/Residents need and expect frictionless, on-demand service. 

As many municipal bodies have begun digitizing more services to meet resident demand, there’s increased risk. But alas, the days of paying by cheque just aren’t realistic anymore.  

The City of Corner Brook provides a good example of how municipalities require their solution to maintain critical care and services for citizens.  

For example, the 911 Emergency Response Center depends on their calling systems and infrastructure being disruption free. City Hall, the fire department, public works, and a water treatment plant are just a few of the areas Frazer and his team are responsible for securing.  

He says, “Maintaining the critical systems and networks that keep the city up and running is what’s most important. Brian, Kevin and the team really understood the big picture of what we needed to achieve and provided invaluable guidance across the board.” 

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Sarah Allen
~ Sarah Allen – Content Creator, Ignite Technology

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