Welcome to the Autonomous Living Project

Thoughtfully pairing smart technology with a human-centric design that integrates seamlessly into lifestyles –  managed from implementation and beyond to ensure adoption and positive benefits for individuals.  

An innovative solution revolutionizing the lives of individuals with diverse abilities

Through the seamless integration of smart technology, a user-friendly digital interface and ongoing adoption and support, we empower individuals by providing a greater sense of independence and freedom.

By automating repetitive tasks in daily routines, caregivers can redirect their energy towards more meaningful work. Equipped with an intuitive dashboard, caregivers effortlessly assign tasks and remotely monitor individual progress. These valuable insights enable personalized care decisions, identifying those in need of additional support. Join us in shaping a future where everyone can thrive towards greater autonomy with the right assistance and guidance.

Seamlessly connecting caregivers and individuals for enhanced independence 

Smart sensors fit seamlessly into our platform to revolutionize how caregivers personalize care for individuals with diverse abilities.  

Human-centric integration that enhances lives and workflows.  

Designed to fit seamlessly into the lives of individuals and their caregivers to enhance the quality of care.  

Real-time insights to personalize care  

Caregivers identify individuals who require more attention, while others can enjoy a greater sense of autonomy, all while ensuring their safety and well-being. 

Caregiver support that scales  

Scalable support that frees up caregivers to spend time on meaningful tasks and build lasting connections with individuals who need it most.  

Bridging the gap between care and autonomy

The AL Solution is the first solution in Canada that combines hardware, software, managed services and ongoing adoption and support to create a complete platform that allows individuals with diverse abilities to live more independently and reducing feelings of isolation. Our caregiver platform helps caregivers to reduce the number of repetitive tasks in their workday, reducing burnout, number of check-ins and allowing them to focus on creating more meaningful connections with the individuals they support.  

Sensors in the units to help caregivers keep track of daily tasks   Cisco Desk Mini/Pros to make routine tracking, mood tracking and video calls possible with the touch of a button.
A user friendly platform created for both individuals and caregivers that can be accessed via browser or mobile app. 
Managed Services and Adoption
Dedicated support to launch, integrate and help organizations adopt the solution. Ongoing maintenance and white glove service to ensure technology works as an extension of an individuals lifestyle and a caregiver’s workflow.
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Empowering connections, inspiring autonomy

The Autonomous Living project aims to provide solutions for individuals to live more autonomously using technology. The project offers benefits to a diverse range of individuals and groups.

Caregiver and her individual

diverse abilities

Empowering individuals with diverse abilities to live with greater freedom through smart routine tracking and enabling them to stay connected to friends and family.

Elderly individuals

Enabling seniors to continue to live independently and thrive in their communities while simultaneously providing peace of mind to family and caregivers.

Mental health

Addressing mental health by reducing feelings of isolation, loneliness and by delivering insights on what impacts well-being for individuals.

chronic pain

Providing a sense of safety for individuals who struggle with mobility challenges that want to live independently but want to ensure support is there when they need it.

Why is this the right time for our solution?

Our solution is designed to be a seamless extension of the caregiver’s workflow, simplifying their tasks and optimizing their efficiency. 

The Partnership - Innovation is a team sport

Together, Cisco, Launchcode and Ignite Technology deliver a comprehensive and customized solution for the Autonomous Living project. By seamlessly integrating various technologies, developing tailored software applications, and leveraging advanced technology solutions combined with expert integration and ongoing adoption and support, the partnership enables a holistic and empowering Autonomous Living experience.

Happy adult

Empowering individuals to live autonomously through innovative technology solutions.

A complete digital solution that combines smart technology with a delightful digital interface that integrates seamlessly into the lives of individuals and support staff . 

Let's Connect and Discover What's Possible.