Seamless Integration, Effortless Collaboration

Discover the effortless blend of Microsoft Teams and Cisco hardware, creating a unified platform for your meetings.

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Better Together

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Unified Collaboration

Experience the full value of Teams meetings on certified Cisco video endpoints for any workspace—from the desk and focus rooms to large boardrooms.

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Unparalleled AV Experience

Leverage optimized camera views and crystal-clear sound to create more equitable, true-to-life meetings.

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Scale With Confidence

Choose collaboration solutions built to grow alongside your business, ensuring your team is prepared for the future.

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Intuitive User Interface

The collaboration between Cisco and Microsoft ensures that the user experience is intuitive and minimizes the learning curve for your team.

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Eliminate Siloed Systems

Remove barriers in your communication. By integrating Teams with Cisco hardware, you achieve a seamless transition across your meetings and platforms.

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Optimize Your Investment

IT administrators can easily manage and monitor devices, offering the ability to update devices, troubleshoot issues remotely, and optimize resource allocation and meeting spaces.


Have some questions?

Why Cisco Devices?

Cisco devices certified for Microsoft Teams deliver the native Teams experience on Cisco’s room and desk devices. This integration leverages Cisco’s superior video and audio quality, advanced camera intelligence, secure and intuitive user experience, and seamless integration with physical meeting spaces.

Can I Run Teams Meetings on Any Cisco Device?

Not all Cisco devices may be compatible with Microsoft Teams. Initially, a set of Cisco Room and Desk devices are certified to run Microsoft Teams natively, but the list of compatible devices continues to grow. Our collaboration team will work with you to curate a solution that will best fit your business needs.

What Experience Can I Expect?

The integration supports seamless user experiences for hybrid work, allowing for feature-rich, back-to-back meetings on Teams and Webex without the need for IT reconfiguration or rebooting.

Will I be able to join Webex meetings if I run Teams on my Cisco device?

Yes, Cisco devices running Microsoft Teams can still join Webex meetings. The integration is designed to support flexibility and interoperability between Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex, allowing users to join meetings on both platforms seamlessly.

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